Silverfish Bug Damage

Frequently we hear that the silverfish bug is difficult to get rid of and that it is capable of harming the contents of our home. Although the silverfish bug can do damage  it may be unclear precisely what harm the silverfish bug will do. An example of damage could be what looks like scratches on old photographs but instead is the result of silverfish eating and destroying the photos. If you have silverfish this could be their work. Please take a second look at your old old photos to see what you think. Of course photos are not the only thing that they harm.

You might have discovered small holes inside pages of your books or maybe the spine in the book appears to be getting a bit slack. Silverfish eat the glue around book bindings that which can damage your books. The silverfish bug is well known for the damage that it does in libraries and places that house papers.

You might have noticed small little holes in your wall paper or that it is damaged around the edges. It could be from the silverfish bug eating the glue which holds the wallpaper to the wall. Of course if you do not have silverfish bugs in your home there might be a different cause.. The silverfish diet is consists mostly of foods high in protein and carbohydrates(sugar and starches)

The Silverfish bug can damage clothing will eat specific clothing including cotton and linen clothing. Proof of silverfish eating yourr clothing is usually yellow stains or small holes.

Paper items can be major food supply for the silverfish bug. You can to bring the silverfish insect as into your house in cardboard boxes, furniture and other items, particularly when the products kept in warehouses full of silverfish.. The silverfish bug can live in and lay there eggs in these items. Warehouses can supply perfect living environment for silverfish.

The silverfish bug can also get into your house by way of cracks and unseen holes in roof. They are attracted by wet, damp conditions that may caused by a leaky and damp roof. It is not unusual for silverfish to enter newly constructed homes arriving with insulation, lumber, and drywall. Silverfish will eat insulation and drywall.

A very light dusting of books with boric acid or by using a few natural deterrents such as lavender or rosemary might actually be helpful. When considering ways to reduce silverfish be sure to eliminate their food source by removing paper bags cardboard boxes and pursuits that places that can shelter pests.

Although silverfish pose little danger to the structural condition of your home they can damage its contents. Some solutions include:

  • Keeping your house clean, free of clutter and dust which is helpful for silverfish removal.
  • Clear out any old magazine and undesirable books. Take note that these materials may contain silverfish eggs and if given away might make a silverfish problem for some else. A good choice for old books and magazines may be placing them in a recycling containers where they are destroyed (which will certainly kill silverfish).

Silverfish may be seen in almost any place at your home. They can be in the garage, under  the bed, kitchen pantry shelves, in appliances, and in couches. For more information on the silverfish bug go here.



4 Comments on “Silverfish Bug Damage”

  1. I don’t want to get rid of any of my books or magazines but will be more than happy to spray my home with any reliable incesticide . I have just spotted four in my Kitchen they weren’t there for long though I gave them a good hard swat with the Fly swatter and will do it to any others that I find here.

  2. whoopwhoop says:

    Lawd, that’s one of the few bugs I’m not afraid of.

  3. shorene says:

    We were eating dinner and one just started climbing up my husband’s arm where did it come from? The couch or the plate?? Uggghh

  4. Jeanne says:

    do they bite people?

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